• Blue School in Kysuce

        • Project title: Blue School in Kysuce

          Project ID: ACC03055

          The name of Programme area: Adapting to Climate Change – Flood and Drought Prevention

          The objection(s) of the Project: Raising public awareness of climate change adaptation

          Planned Project termination deadlines as: 30.9.2015

          Total eligible costs of the Project: 39 384 EUR

          Project grant and each its part is financed by the relevant Financial Mechanism (85%) and the State Budget (15%).

          Project Description:

          The project "Blue School in Kysuce" within raising public awareness of climate change adaptation will create a new syllabus focused on the rainwater management and its connection with climate change. Topics as: Water, Water Plants, Water Animals, The Hydrological Cycle, Water as a Part of the Natural Environment, Water and Climate Change and The Water Ecosystem will be included in the educational process for all grades and each class (22 classes for three lessons). In total 66 lessons per school year. Within raising public awareness of climate change adaptation, there will be organized lectures for students and school staff members at the school premises focused on rainwater. The lectures will be prepared and presented by a professional experienced in the field of infiltration, rainwater using and the implementation of bio-retention systems in Slovakia.

           The project has also developed adaptation measures, the share of green vegetation increasing as: revitalization of existing trees, woody plants and grassy areas in the school campus. Planting of 30 new trees, 34 shrubs, the total grassing area of 984 m2. Additional adaptation measure includes the implementation of the water permeable surfaces in the school premises, namely: placing of vegetative blocks with a total area of 306 m2 and an eco-pavement construction with a total area of 190 m2. Rainwater harvesting as well as the additional adaptation measures will be obtained from the unfinished building in the school campus / technical classrooms and the kitchen /. It will be used for the campus irrigation.

          Since our campus covers an area of about 2 hectares without built up areas, it can be turned into a beautiful green park. There will be all students involved in the project, not only in the educational process but also at landscape works, trees and shrubs planting, lawns seeding, cleaning of surrounded areas, and when introducing new technologies on water collection under the supervision of the vocational education and non-education staff and members of voluntary organizations involved in the blue school programme. Parents of the students will also be helping to take care of trees in the park around the school campus. Thereby, the whole project will help to raise the students´ and the public awareness about environmental issues.

          Built-up areas in the campus do not have rainwater drained into the sewer system, which empties into the WWTP (waste water treatment plants), but this water is discharged into a larger natural ditch, thence into a smaller stream that flows into the river Kysuca. By water harvesting techniques and building the small stream, we want to achieve the least amount of rainwater flowing into the river.

          Publicity of the project will be provided at the local and regional levels, namely: project publicity in regional weekly newspapers "My kysucké noviny" and "Kysuce", in the local monthly "Zvesti". The project and its implementation will be published in the school and town websites. The place of the project implementation will be displayed on the information board / banner /. Some organizations are addressed to be involved in the project. Association of Parents and Friends of the School, Civic Association - Our school Kysuca, Municipal Office in Kysucké Nové Mesto, Žilina Region - Department of Education, Local Organizations of the Slovak fishing association and the near Elementary School promised to help us in further publicity cooperation and in the implementation of adaptation measures.  

    • Kontakty

      • Stredná odborná škola strojnícka
      • sossknm@za.psg.sk
      • + 421 41 421 22 13
      • Športová 1326 024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto
      • 17053722
      • 2020558155
      • ztv.pavlus@gmail.com
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